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Corporate Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunity

SkyWest Airlines strives to be a respected partner in the communities we serve. We seek partnership opportunities that will increase brand awareness and loyalty, generate revenue, communicate customer benefits and support positive community involvement.

All requests must be submitted two to six months prior to the event and should have a one-page summary that includes: 

  • Date/duration of project
  • Location of activity
  • Target beneficiaries
  • Trade value (attach supporting documentation)
  • Number of people affected by grant
  • Intended use of funds, tickets and/or volunteers
  • Benefits to the community at large and the SkyWest community in particular
  • Description of how SkyWest’s participation will affect the project's ability to attract other sponsors, contributors and participants
  • Your organization’s history, including mission, goals and current programs
  • A description of the project objectives and a plan for evaluating your completed project

Please attach documents with information of the event or sponsorship opportunity, including trade value and supporting documentation. Decisions are based on whether your organization fits within our mission and the availability of resources.

Submitter Information

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